About us

As a child, I always enjoyed being a creator. I would sketch images, paint, take photos, etc. It has forever been a passion of mine. As I entered Pharmacy School, I decided to focus 100 percent on my profession. As I've settled into my career, I've realized that a part of me was unfulfilled. Something was missing. Then it hit me. It was time to make a return back to doing what my heart enjoys the most. Free expression. 

Remedy-N-Style was created via my affinity for stylish expression. I love how style is a very personal thing and in its own way, serves as a means to healing. Styling clothes is very therapeutic for me, and I always feel my best when I love my outfit. 

I love being a girly girl, getting dolled up in makeup. And what's a beat face without an equally vibrant outfit! I love wearing color and the way it allows you to speak visually without uttering a word, and without being apologetic. Putting together vibrant colors that not all times are understood and beg questioning. Although I tend to be afraid of vulnerability, this is my passion exposed! I vow to forever be unapologetically expressive! 

I look forward to providing your STYLE REMEDY for all occasions!